Sip/Puff Switch with Headset

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Sip/Puff solutions are ideal for people who have limited or no motor capability to operate switch activated devices, including computers, augmentative communication devices, adapted toys, environmental control systems and devices accessed or controlled by scanning.

The Sip/Puff Switch translates sips and puffs into independent switch closures. The Sip/Puff Switch has two (2) 3.5mm ports for connecting two standard mono cables or a single stereo cable and has integrated test buttons to assist in application testing.

Sip/Puff Headset is a comfortable, adjustable head frame. The padded headset slips over the ears and behind the head. A replaceable mouth tube is held in position with an integral stainless steel forming wire. The tube and wire can be bent and cut to adapt to individual needs.

Sip/Puff Switch with Headset includes:

  • Sip/Puff Switch with integrated "sip" and "puff" pressure switches (no external power required)
  • Sip/Puff Headset with attached 6-foot (1.8-meter) air tube and twist connector for attaching to Sip/Puff Switch
  • Two (2) 5–foot cables, one mono and one stereo
  • Four (4) Sip/Puff Mouth Tubes with integral stainless steel forming wire (one attached to Sip/Puff Headset)
  • Documentation
*Sip/Puff Replacement Mouth Tubes are available